12 Aug When your company blog needs the professional touch

Blogging is the gift that keeps on giving for marketers. A way to bypass traditional channels, control the narrative and build strong, direct relationships with customers.

Or it is if you have the time and writing ability to dedicate to it. Otherwise, strange as it seems for such a ‘straight from the horse’s mouth’ media, it makes sense to outsource your blog to a professional content provider.

Here’s why: Blogs launched in an initial burst of enthusiasm have a habit of becoming a distracting chore as the demands of day to day business get in the way. From twice weekly posts in the early days, to one or two a month and eventual stagnation, the abandoned blog isn’t a good look for any business.

But with a full time provider to generate regular, relevant content, you can keep your blog current without losing focus on the rest of your responsibilities.

Likewise, blog posts that lack polish or have obvious mistakes can work against you. There’s some leeway in the blogosphere for the occasional spelling mistake, given a blog often represents the raw thoughts of a thought leader. But sloppy grammar and repeated errors over time can make readers start to wonder where else your quality control is lacking.

Worst of all is the blog or social media strategy that’s been passed over to the office junior or intern on the basis that anything digital is bound to be second nature. But juniors and interns seldom have the experience and knowledge to be long-term digital brand guardians, and neither should we expect it of them. Plus, the many stories of digital marketing disasters arising from putting them in sole charge should be enough to dissuade anyone from going down such a route.

A blog is like any other form of writing. It benefits from being carefully thought out, properly constructed and professionally executed. With all those skills at their disposal, and the time to give it the attention it deserves, a professional writer could be the difference between a blog that makes you famous and one that does your brand no favours at all.

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