Producing a prospectus doesn’t always mean printing one.

03 Feb Producing a prospectus doesn’t always mean printing one.

Apps, mobile web and digital publishing offer huge possibilities for education marketing.

First, they’re the ‘default’ media for school and college age learners. Anyone applying or looking for further information right
now has been born into an age in which the first port of call is a PC, phone or tablet screen.

Second, they make a statement about your institution and its commitment to modern technology. A year or two ago, potential students might have asked if you have an app. Today, they expect it. And if you can’t deliver, it’s unlikely you’ll get another chance to engage them.

And third, becoming a digital publisher gives you complete control over your prospectus and other collateral, allowing you to update course details, fees and admissions procedures without expensive and time consuming reprints.

Take a look at what’s possible with digital prospectus publishing. Then contact us to learn more…