Viking Air Protect new product launch

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About This Project

Viking Air Protect is a leap forward in vapour control membrane performance. An air open roofing underlay with a higher airflow rate than any other on the market, plus wind resistance certification for the most demanding conditions. Here’s how we helped our client Glidevale Protect launch it.

For years, the conventional approach to moisture and ventilation management in roof design was a combination of waterproof membranes with tile, soffit or fascia ventilators that guaranteed an adequate flow of fresh air through the roofspace.

The arrival of air and vapour permeable membranes moved the game on, combining ventilation and moisture management in a single layer.

Then came Protect Viking Air. A brand new membrane, which is so air open it can be used in well-sealed roofs without any extra ventilation measures. In other words, a game changer.

The Viking Air Protect name was already in place when Glidevale Protect asked us to develop a launch campaign. As was the Viking helmet style logo design.

So we took the name and logo as a starting point and developed an eye-catching visual identity to spearhead the launch in trade titles, PR, emails, social and digital media channels.

Using our 3D illustration resources, we created an iconic Viking helmet, drawing on images of the real thing and from popular culture to get the textures and lighting just right. Then, we created bespoke backgrounds to get across key benefits such as the new product’s resistance to wind lift in wind zones 1-4 of the British Isles.

Following a period of pre-launch teaser activity to create interest and anticipation in our audience of specifiers and contractors, all was revealed.

And the industry certainly sat up and took notice. Despite launching in a period of huge uncertainty, Viking Air Protect was soon selling out from stock as fast as the Glidevale Protect Nottinghamshire factory could make it.

A great example of a simple, single-minded idea delivering the goods.


Client: Glidevale Protect

Media: Trade press, email marketing, Google Network remarketing, PR, social media

Services: Design, copywriting, 3D illustration