One Cannon logo design

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About This Project

The logo. More thought and debate goes into those couple of square inches of ink (or couple of thousand pixels) than maybe any other area of graphic design.

When Cannon Hygiene asked us to badge their One Cannon initiative – an internal development platform for training, networking and career development – we worked through a number of ideas and iterations, drawing together feedback from numerous stakeholders and different areas of the business. 

The aim was to inspire, simplify and explain: Inspire staff and management to embrace Cannon Hygiene’s commitment to lifelong development. Simplify the many channels and directions career development takes within the organisation. And explain the benefits to employees at all levels of the organisation.

In such an organisation-wide undertaking, it’s inevitable that opinions on the broad direction and the finer points of design will vary. Different people, after all, interpret visual communications in different ways. 

It’s the job of a professional designer to negotiate these inputs without compromising the integrity of the finished article. In this case, discussions with stakeholders led us to a solution that combined the energy and colour of the earlier designs with the ‘people focused’ feel of the later versions. 

The One Cannon logo was used extensively across all internal online and offline comms and training resources, drawing together a complex network of services into a clear and simple brand.