Co-op Memorials Corporate Film

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About This Project

Capturing the pride, craftsmanship and compassion that goes into their work, this short documentary about the Co-operative Memorials’ stonemasons was shot on location in Shieldhall, Glasgow. It was filmed, edited and dubbed entirely by our in-house team. A resource  that not only makes film and video more affordable, but gives us complete control of the production process from start to finish.

Good corporate films allow the culture of a company to shine through and in this case, we were keen to highlight the genuine care Co-operative Memorials brought to the job of commemorating loved ones on behalf of the families left behind.

Any documentary director knows it’s not easy getting people to act naturally when a camera is on them.  We spent time in the workshop, understanding the stories and motivations of those who work there and becoming part of the day to day background of the workplace.

You can judge the result for yourselves, but we’re proud of it.