Fonty Wordy thing

07 Jan Fonty Wordy thing


Beloved of copywriters at this time of year (‘Yule love our Christmas deals!’), this ancient Nordic celebration of the Winter solstice now lives on mainly in the form of a highly calorific chocolate log.

Some scholars believe it is named after Julius Caesar or the Norse god Jólnir. Others that it is derived from Hjól, the Old Nordic word for wheel – the theory being the year has come full circle, like a wheel.

Which, coincidentally, is exactly what you get in more chocolatey form when you cut the end off a Yule log…

Black Letter


Used in the original Guthenburg Bible, Blackletter is one of the oldest typefaces faces in the world, but one which nevertheless still enjoys huge popularity today with right of centre newspapers, heavy metal bands, gangsta rappers and even Disneyland.

Like so many Christmas archetypes that migrated from Germany and took root in Victorian England, it offers Christmas card designers an instant pass to the world of Ebenezer Scrooge, apple cheeked vicars and top hatted revelry on a frozen River Thames.