Do you really need a mobile website?

08 Jan Do you really need a mobile website?

In recent weeks I’ve spoken with 6 new clients all who insisted that a mobile website was vital to their business as their website statistics showed 40% of visitors were from mobile devices!

The most common mistake I see businesses making, large and small, is looking at analytics without fully interrogating the data.

In the 6 cases I’ve personally seen in the last few weeks, when we got onto the stats and lifted the lid on the analytics what was revealed was an all together different story.

Mobile traffic is split between phone users and tablet users, and what tablet users wish to be met with when browsing is all together different from what a phone user wants to see.

In many cases the vast majority of mobile traffic is actually from tablet devices like the iPad, as such those users wish to view a full website rather than a cut down version.

My most recent look at stats of a client showed that 38% of traffic was mobile, of which 33% was tablet traffic. The engagent levels of that tablet traffic matched that of desktop visits, therefore providing an adequate experience. Of the remaining 5 % they quickly left, more than likely due to lack of a mobile experience.

So am I suggesting you don’t get a mobile site? Absoloulty not! But what I am saying is that what you expect to convert from mobile visits might for less than you think. Taking the above example, realistically they can really only seek to increase engagement by a maximum of 5% versus the initial thought of 38% therefore the investment level being placed on a mobile web build might actually be reduced as the return might not be as Stella as once thought.

Key lesson – check you stats and dig deeper than just the top level view.