17 Oct DGR Ink content and copywriting review

Read how 5 easy copywriting techniques can make your marketing more effective


DGR Ink is our new content and copywriting review containing 5 easy to follow guides for more effective business copywriting. It’s been written by our copywriting team and draws on all their years’ experience writing copy for all kinds of businesses in every media channel.

The advice it contains is proven and trusted by professional copywriters the world over. Practical, measurable, repeatable techniques that make your copy more effective, time after time. In it, you can read about:

We use these methods all the time to improve results for our own clients. You can use them to do the same for your business.

Download your copy of DGR Ink below, or order it in the post by contacting John on 07976 305 118 / John@dgrmarcomms.com

Link download DGR Ink PDF

Download DGR Ink PDF (2.5MB)

A second opinion from the copywriting experts. 

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