Advances in technology mean 3-D is now one of the most powerful, flexible and effective imaging options for product marketers. Especially if you’ve already got CAD files of the products you want turning into 3-D illustrations.

We want to show as many people as possible what a potent tool it can be, which is why we’re making this exclusive offer to the first 10 businesses that respond:

A simple CAD based illustration created using the files you send to us, completely FREE.

Want to see how one of your products would look as a 3-D illustration? We’ll do it FREE

5 key ways 3-D can improve your marketing ROI


Save time and money

With no studio, lighting and equipment costs, 3-D can come in at a fraction of the cost and time of conventional photography


Create ‘virtual’ product prototypes

Even when products are still on the drawing board, 3-D allows you to show them in lifelike detail in print or at trade fairs and events


Update assets without reshooting

New product features and modifications can be added on screen quickly and easily, extending the life of your asset library by months or years


Add extra detail and definition

3-D is perfect for highlighting hidden features and technical details that are difficult, if not impossible, to show any other way


Bring your creative ideas to life

3-D is the ideal tool for creating characters, creatures, landscapes – in fact whole worlds to dramatise your product and set it apart

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Simple CAD based 3-D

Vista Engineering

Vista manufacture wall ties and metalwork for masonry support. Their product range is extremely wide and Vista add to it on a regular basis. We created dozens of these 3-D images to illustrate the products and their use in cavity walling.

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Complex CAD based 3-D

Kingspan Environmental

As part of our launch campaign for the Kingspan Xe water cylinder, we developed these technically accurate images showing the improvements in design and inner details that made it one of the most economical on the market.

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Bespoke creative 3-D

Kingspan Klargester

More a flight of fancy than a photo-real execution, these images for Kingspan Klargester demonstrate the other side of 3-D – its ability to create engaging characters and mascots for your brand.

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3-D motion graphics


This short film for the Mira Sport shower was created entirely with 3-D animation software. It shows, in dramatic ‘fly through’ detail, all the features that make it so easy for plumbers to install. VIEW VIDEO

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Some of the clients who’ve benefited from our 3-D skills

“DGR’s 3-D illustrations really add to the impact of our sales material and allow us to communicate the features and benefits of our product range, instantly”

Phil Travis, MD, Vista Engineering


Send us your CAD files and we’ll send you your free 3-D image

If you’ve got existing CAD files of your product, 3-D is the quickest, most flexible and most cost-effective way to create photo-real images.

Why not see how it works for you by taking us up on our FREE 3-D image offer?

Just send us the CAD files for one your products using the form below and we’ll send you a fully rendered 3-D image that you can use in any marketing material you choose, absolutely free of charge.
If you have more products you want creating as 3-D illustrations, we’d be happy to provide a quote. 3-D imaging costs less than you probably think and the more illustrations you order, the lower the price – from as little as £75 per image, in some cases.

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Remember, this offer is only open to the first 10 businesses that respond. So act now to secure your FREE 3-D image.

No CAD files to upload?

Even if you don’t have CAD files, 3-D may still be far less expensive that you think. So send us what reference you have (JPEG or PDF, max size 10MB) for a quote.

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All information and images we receive will be handled with the strictest of confidence and will not be shared with any third parties.

To discuss your 3-D project, call Mark on 07720243691 or email mark@dgrmarcomms for a competitive, no obligation quote.

Terms and conditions 1. Offer open to the first 10 businesses who contact dgr with appropriate CAD files. 2. If the files prove to be incompatible, DGR reserve the right to withdraw the offer. 3. DGR will be the sole judge of whether the files qualify for the free offer. 4. Only one free 3d illustration per business. 5. DGR will be the sole judge of what constitutes a “Simple Cad Based 3d” illustration and qualifies for the free offer. 6. Offer open until 31/01/18.7. One version of the illustration only. 8. DGR reserve the right to cancel the promotion without notice at any time.